GREEN LANDSCAPE Photo by DR.Mohan Sharma — National Geographic Your Shot

Beautiful lush green lawn.

Source: GREEN LANDSCAPE Photo by DR.Mohan Sharma — National Geographic Your Shot


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A surgeon and endoscopist by profession Dr. Mohan Sharma is an active practitioner of his profession. Born on the first of May 1960 he showed initial glimpses of the versatile talent when he became a national merit scholar. The Surgeon GMC Nagpur is where he received his MBBS,MS and moved to JIPMER Pondicherry for his senior residency. A fellow of the International College of Surgeons he has also been awarded a fellowship by the Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy in India. The Artist His paintings reflect an unexpected versatility of emotion, thought and action that will transport you across the length and breadth of human possibilities. He experiments with the various media and you will find serene watercolors rubbing shoulders with dramatic acrylics and stark pen and inks complimenting the colorful crayons. Till date he has created nearly 140 works which find pride of place in the corridors of the hospital where he practices. More remarkable is the fact that he has had absolutely no training in the arts and is completely self-taught in the use of the various media. He has a small but devoted fan following among his peers and patients who have bought several of his paintings, the proceeds from which he gave to charity. He feels painting works like meditation, helping him develop the focus and clarity required by his profession as a surgeon endoscopist. He says that the Almighty has given every human being a gift for creativity and that we should recognize it and use it to serve mankind. The Philanthrope The proceeds from the sale of his paintings go to an NGO called Roshni which works for mentally challenged children. The Rotary Foundation of India selected him as a GSE member to visit USA as their goodwill ambassador. An active rotarian he has done extensive voluntary work over the years. A member of ASI, IMA, IASG & SGEI he has had the honour of presenting papers in several national conferences. A recipient of Rashtriya Samrasta Samman he has managed to retain a passionate interest in painting while remaining an active surgeon, endoscopist and conscientious global citizen. ADDRESS TIWARI HOSPITAL M.L.B. ROAD SHINDE KI CHAWNI GWALIOR (M.P.) PIN 474009 MOBILE- 9301100689

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